Dr. Hunger

Dr. Hunger is married and father of four children.

Curriculum vitae

1974 - 1981 Study of dental medicine at Freie Universität Berlin
1981 State examination and approbation
1981 - 1984 Postgraduate training in orthodontics
1981 - 1983 Research assistant at the Department of Orthodontics, Freie Universität Berlin
1983 - 1989 Orthodontic resident at the office of Dr. Schrinner, Berlin
1984 Examination in orthodontics and approval by the Zahnärztekammer Berlin (Berlin Dental Chamber)
1987 PhD in Dental Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin
1989 Establishment of his independent orthodontic office in Berlin-Dahlem, Schorlemerallee
Since 2003 Board member of the Society of Orthodontics Berlin- Brandenburg