Dear patient:

Properly functioning jaws and teeth are important to everyone, regardless of age. No matter how crooked your teeth may be right now, or how misaligned your bite is, I will help you achieve that healthy, charming smile that we all seek, both young people and adults.

Let me examine your jaws and teeth thoroughly at your first appointment, and then let's discuss which option of orthodontic treatment is the best for you or your children. You may rest assured that I will always practice the latest medical standards as well as take into account well-established methods and materials. My professed goal is to collaborate confidently with you and to align your teeth and bite gently and, yet, within a short period of time.

So, please, “step in“ and use these web pages to get an overview of my office and your options of orthodontic treatment. For individual consultation, please call the friendly office staff to schedule an appointment.

We're looking forward to meeting you!


Dr. Klaus Hunger

Orthodontic Specialist